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Thank you for your interest in our land in America.

“Non-residents are able to buy land in the USA without restrictions. Travel to the USA is not required. The Warranty Deed is notarized by a U.S. Notary Public. The deed will be registered in your name with the local County Land Registrar (County Clerk). Ownership of the land is indefinite, without expiration. As a registered owner of record, you are entitled to re-sell your land at any time.”


The purchase of land in the USA is fast and simple.


1.- You provide the full name and address (or company name) you would like the property recorded with the county.

2.-We send you an invoice and you make a down-payment of 10% of the invoice amount ( minimum amount $100.00)

3.- Within 3 days, we will prepare a draft copy of the Warranty Deed and send it to you via email for you to verify.

4.- Upon receipt of your confirmation the details are correct, we will notarize the Warranty Deed and you are the owner of the property. We provide you with a  copy of the notarized Warranty Deed and you pay the balance of the invoice.

5.- Once received your final payment, we will send the Original Warranty Deed to the county for recording.

Title Transfer, Notary, Taxes, Recording of the Warranty Deed, will be paid by the seller.


Once the deed is recorded by the county, they will send the original to you via mail.

We promise to keep you updated and informed at every stage of the process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


PAYMENTS: bank transfer to our account with Wells Fargo Bank USA, PayPal and debit/credit card payments.


We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, and wire transfer.



10% down payment of the purchase price  and monthly payments of  10%
0% interest, NO credit check.

No credit or bad credit?


Since we are the owner financing this property, it's as simple as 1-2-3.
1.- send your name(s), (company name), address, and email address.
2 - we send you a PayPal invoice
3.- make your down payment
4 - we send you an electronic land contract
5.- you sign the electronic land contract
6 - start enjoying your property

Do you have any questions? No problem, feel free to contact me.


Title Transfer, Notary, Taxes, Recording of the Warranty Deed, will be paid by the seller.


We assure you that we will handle the purchase of the land in the United States, quickly and reliably. Whether you buy it for your retirement, as a gift for your children, or as an investment. To own land is always a good investment.
The plots of land offered are our property. All information is from reliable sources, such as municipal, tax office, land registry office, etc., and our own research. Errors, omissions, and prior sales are expressly reserved.
Buyer/s are encouraged and responsible to do their due diligence thoroughly, including a physical inspection of the property if at all possible, and make sure that the property is suitable to their needs. We have never been to this property. All information and pictures in this listing come from accurate sources and are to the best of my knowledge but not guaranteed; There is no warranty expressed or implied and all sales are final.